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It all started in 1981 when Lars Ulrich tricked James Hetfield into believing he had a band, and wanted James to join. They recorded a song with James singing, as well as playing guitar and bass. The band eventually recorded a full demo going by the name Metallica.

The band started playing gigs in New York and San Francisco. Eventually bass player Cliff joined the band. They aquired another guitarist and recorded Kill 'Em All. The band toured behind the record to get some exposure and to support their first release. Shortly after they released Ride The Lightning. The band was becoming more popular all over the US. Their second album release really got them the exposure they needed.

After they released their third album, the band toured with Ozzy Ozbourne playing sold out shows across the country. A small set back for the band when lead singer broke his arm on a skateboard. He recovered eventually, but while he was injured their guitar roadie filled in on guitars.

In 1991 Metallica released their self titled, "black album". The album got tons of play on MTV with their hit single, Enter Sandman. The band had their first taste of mainstream success.

The band didn't release a CD for 5 years. However, the 1996 release Load was worth the wait. The album was followed up with 1997s Re-Load. The band played at Woodstock 1999, and since has released a double CD Garage Inc.

The band has had success for nearly two decades, and we hope to have many more years of metallica to come in the near future.

biography | lyrics | pictures | discography | tour info